Develop Thriving Students & Schools With Graphology

For students, living a great life starts when they discover and develop what they naturally do best.

Empowering and engaging students starts with surrounding them with teachers who help them discover and develop what they naturally do best. Teachers, you can empower and engage your students and help them succeed in and out of school. The key is focusing on what’s strong, not wrong.

  • Promote Equity - Everyone has talent. And everyone has strengths. When every student learns what’s unique and positive about themselves, they get an equal chance to apply their talents to succeed in and out of school.
  • Build Engagement - Student engagement in school decreases with each grade they pass. The confidence and guidance students gain from knowing their strengths can help them remain engaged in school as they transition from grade to grade.
  • Prepare for Great Jobs & Great Lives - What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s never too early for students to get a sense of how they’d answer. When they prepare for careers and futures that fit their talents, it isn’t just the students who benefit. Entire communities experience transformational change.


Teachers Training Opportunity

The Global Graphologists Association supports this train the teacher's opportunity and facilitates a group of teachers (on campus) to train themselves as graphologists. The objective of this activity is to help a bunch of teachers, together learn graphology at their own school, college, university, institute, etc to conduct handwriting analysis of their students. Teachers can use handwriting analysis for students to help them succeed by discovering and developing what they naturally do best.

Schools create a dynamic, positive and engaging educational environment when participating teacher and staff member has the chance to identify, understand and apply their natural talents.

On-site on-campus training help teacher teams collaborate more effectively. They lead teachers and staff to use their strengths in ways that benefit everyone in the school community.

Once teachers and staff discover the power of handwriting analysis using graphology, they channel their efforts to empower students to do what they do best so they can succeed in academics and other aspects of the school.

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