Do different pen change handwriting?

There are some who believe that difference in handwritings is largely due to the difference in styles of pens. It is true that pens have much to do with the appearance of the handwriting, but the choice of a pen is one of the elements involved in the individuality of handwriting. Each one of us chooses a style of pen that best suits them, and hence it allows them to write in the manner that is most natural to them. But it is a mistake to suppose that it is the pen that determines the peculiarities of a handwriting. It may be awkward for a person who is accustomed to a stub pen to use a fine-pointed pen, but it will not alter the distinguishing characteristics of his handwriting any more than it destroys his personality to wear a suit of clothes that does not fit him.

Source: Graphology or How to Read Character from Handwriting BY SIMON ARKE American Institute of Graphology 305 Lenman Building Washington, D. C. 1903