What are the uses or applications of graphology?

What are the uses of graphology? What are the applications of handwriting analysis?

The use of graphology extends to understanding health issues, morality, past experiences, hidden talents, and mental problems. Source: Personality Profile Through Handwriting Analysis D. John Antony, O.F.M.Cap.


Graphology as Social Compatibility Tool
Conflicts, Interpersonal Relationships, Friendship, Family, Romantic, Professional and Compatibility

Graphology as Parenting Tool
Children, Adolescents, Teenagers, Parenting and Parental Influence

Graphology as Employment Tool
Staffing, Employee Screening, Human Resources, Employee Profile, Career Counseling and Employment

Graphology as Business Tool
Business Association, Partnerships, Money Lending, Financial and Trusting Relationships

Graphology as Self-Development Tool
Self Knowledge, Improvement, Personality Development, Vocation and Career

Graphology as Therapy Tool
Graphotherapy and Graphotherapeutics

Graphology as Entertainment Tool
Live Seminars, Special Events, Entertainment and Personal Consulting

Graphology as Personal Compatibility Tool
Love, Romance, Sexual Compatibility, Spouse Matching, Life-Partner, and Marriage

Graphology as Health Tool
Health, Disease, Diagnosis of illness and Suicide

Graphology as Crime Detection Tool
Criminal Profiling and Criminology

Graphology as Forensic Science Tool
Forensic Sciences, Forgeries, Claims and Suspect Documents

Graphology as Graphic Art Tool
Corporate Graphics, Signage and Logo design

Graphology as Genealogy Tool
Family History, Ancestors, and Genealogy

Graphology as Scientific Research Tool
Scientific Research Tool for psychology, psychiatry etc.

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