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Handwriting changes over a period of time so...

Of course, the style of handwriting does not in every case remain the same throughout the entire life of a man or woman. A person at fifty may not write the same hand that he did when he was eighteen or twenty, and if he lives to be eighty or ninety it will in all probability show further indications of change. This fact only emphasizes the relationship between handwriting and personality; for it will always be found that where there is a change in the style of penmanship there is a corresponding change in the person himself. Very few of us retain the same character, disposition and nature that we had in youth. Experience and vicissitudes do much to modify our natures, and with such modifications come alterations in our handwriting. In some persons, the change is very slight, while in others it is noticeably evident.

Source: Graphology or How to Read Character from Handwriting BY SIMON ARKE American Institute of Graphology 305 Lenman Building Washington, D. C. 1903


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