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Graphology as Employment tool

Graphology and Human Resource Process

Graphology plays a major role in the recruitment procedure. This procedure can be completed without meeting the candidate personally, which in turn would save the interviewer's time.

Interviewing is a generalized method of drawing specific conclusions. A person, who does not dress well regularly, is very non-compromising and inflexible might turn up well dressed and cordial. This 30-minute evaluation is based on the presumption "first impression is the last impression", but it does not happen that way really. It is very difficult to summarize a lifestyle of character and personality in these 30 minutes of subjective discussion

Anxiety and Modesty does not let the applicant perform well during interviews. Their answers are also prone to subjective interpretations.

Screening Interviews are time-consuming as you interview both poor applicants as well as good ones.

Decorative aspects of the personality influence people like a warm handshake, a smiling face, well-dressed personality and so on. It is such a myth as outside the interview room this person could be an active volcano and not the cool sea breeze that he appears to be inside.
As it is said, "A stitch in time saves nine" It's better to know a candidate well beforehand then repent later.

Graphology can be very helpful to find out what job one might excel at by graphology traits and it is a very common use for this science.

The following are the characteristics can we know by doing handwriting analysis of candidates/ employees?

  1. Strengths of the candidate
  2. Weaknesses of the candidate
  3. Motivational factors for the person
  4. Trustworthiness in handling finance
  5. Tendency of frequent job hopping
  6. Behavior with juniors
  7. Behavior with seniors
  8. Behavior with opposite sex
  9. Revolting nature against management
  10. Leadership qualities
  11. Creativity
  12. Capacity to work under pressure
  13. Whether prefers to work alone or with the team
  14. Passing time in the absence of superiors
  15. Misuse of organizational facilities
  16. Administration capability
  17. Organizing personal activities
  18. Planning and execution of strategies
  19. Fear to taking action
  20. Integrity

What can graphology science do for employees and management?

  • Restructure your company to maximize growth
  • Improve productivity and profitability
  • Have the right executive team mix to inspire others
  • Optimize succession planning
  • Improve training
  • Increase employee morale and communication
  • Optimize your training budget
  • Reduce employee turnover by having the right person in the right job

Graphology can help you understand the compatibility between the employees. This can help you to form teams or allow some people to work independently for better results.

You can understand what motivates the individual employee. So you need not keep wasting your money and time in structuring new incentive policies which won't work.


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