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Graphology and Parenting

Graphology and Parenting

Graphology can be invaluable in assessing a child’s development level. It can help early identification of learning difficulties such as dyslexia, as well as alerting parents to any emotional and physical problems a child may be experiencing.

A graphologist cannot analyze children's writing before they can write fluently however it is possible to ascertain how the intellectual level of achievement compares with the average for the child's age, together with indications of the child's social and emotional development.

Analysis of children's handwriting is carried out mostly using a child's handwriting chart originally developed as a result of research carried out in France.

Graphology can help identify problems and suggest remedial action before major problems arise.

Graphotherapy can be employed for improving the child's handwriting, building self-esteem and improving behavior.

Children's handwriting can determine the learning inclination of the child. This is going to be either visual, ear or action oriented. Children will have the ability to learn through all three orientations, but one will be dominant. How dominant that orientation is can also be analyzed with graphology. Intelligence can easily be determined with graphology too.

The visual child learns best through visual mediums. Most teaching is through the visual medium; about 65% of children are predominately visually oriented. The ear oriented child learns through sound and hearing. These children grow up to be musicians, sound engineers, and great speakers. Martin Luther King Jr is a great example of this. The action or kinesthetic child best learn by doing it. These children tend to love athletics and are often diagnosed with ADD. It is just that kinesthetic people need "action" and can't sit still for long.

Handwriting analysis identifies this and shows you how to best parent your child according to this. Brain orientation is very overlooked but is the most important factor in a successful career and vocational choices later in life.

Another important aspect a graphologist can uncover with children are the severe problems they face today. Everything shows up in their handwriting.

Handwriting analysis uncovers sexual child abuse, depression, suicidal, homicidal, drug abuse, social and emotional problems, hostility, and criminality traits. You may think that this is impossible to see just from a sample of handwriting. It is actually very easy to spot the problems within the child from their handwriting than it is

We use the term problem child, but problem children usually are not the ones at fault. It is a parent sexually, physically, or emotionally abusing a child. Children that don't seem to fit in with their peers can suffer depression and feel suicidal or homicidal just for that. A graphologists job is to identify the basic problem so you as the parent can get the necessary help for your child before it is too late.

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