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Graphology and Business

Business questions answered by graphology

Here are some of the questions that business people need answers for and where graphology can help.

  • Should I get into a joint venture or partnership with this person?
  • Is my business partner taking me for a ride?
  • My net worth is very high. Still I suffer from a liquidity crunch. Why?
  • Is my Marketing Manager giving out trade secrets?
  • Whom should I hire among the crowd of new applicants?
  • Which employee is most likely to engage in anti-corporate activities and could also backstab me?
  • Who should be promoted in order for the organization to grow?
  • Is my financial controller siphoning away cash?
  • Will this person ever pay me back?
  • My file is lying with an influential personality. Is he holding it back on merits or does he want me to grease his palm?

The Journal of International Management Studies ISSN 1993-1034 JIMS is listed in EBSCO & Google Scholar Directory publised an article (Volume 11 Number 2, August, 2016) Graphoanalysis: The What, Why, Who, How and Where is it Going, in Terms of Its Use in Business Decisions Dr. Melody Waller LaPreze, Missouri State University, USA. Here is the article paper link and read the abstract below.

The use of graphology, or handwriting analysis, is not a new phenomenon even though its usage has been escalating recently. This paper discusses the definitions and history of graphology, why an organization might choose to use it in making Human Resources and business decisions, as well as how an organization should implement the use of graphoanalysis. Finally, a brief discussion is included concerning the future directions of graphology in light of the changing of handwriting curriculum in the United States education system.


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