Certification Program

The Global Graphologists Association has members only self-certified graphologist program and a continuous peer-reviewed handwriting analyst process.

Members have access to Graphology School website [http://www.graphologyschool.com] and this allows you to learn graphology. If you wish to become certified, you will be assigned a guide.

Self-Certified Graphologist Program

Anyone can become a graphologist provided they work to develop/enhance their personal visual motor* skills. Research suggests women are better at this and there are actually more women graphologists but in reality, anyone can train to become a good graphologist.

Members have access to Graphology School website where there is education about handwriting formations, gestalt, and traits. There are handy handwriting analysis tools to use for analysis. There are analyzed handwriting samples for reference.

Members are encouraged to join our Google Classroom to display their understanding of graphology and also get their queries answered. There are assignments and work is evaluated. On successful culmination of the course, the member is awarded the Graphologist certification.

Peer Reviewed Handwriting Analyst Program

Training oneself to observe handwriting formations in handwriting is one set of skill which makes one a graphologist. Handwriting analysis is an altogether different beast to tame because it involves the expression of what is sensed (observed and identified) and understood as graphologist to another person who may or may not be the same whose handwriting is being analyzed.

So three things are happening in handwriting analysis, first study of handwriting (graphomotor studies), second expression of the same and third combining two or more formations (stack/cluster) which give an altogether different meaning. This is a reasonably complex skill and requires practice. Thus a graphologist with more practice in handwriting analysis is a better handwriting analyst, here Global Graphologists Association records handwriting analysis which is peer reviewed to make each participating graphologist a better handwriting analyst.


Honors mention can be added to the certification by doing triple amount of work required to finish the regular Graphologists and also Handwriting Analyst certification programs. Only certified graphologists with honors are allowed to certify as Handwriting Analyst with honors. The Handwriting Analyst with Honours is given preference over regular Handwriting Analyst. One can easily upgrade or downgrade to and from the honors process.

Membership Subscription

  • Members pay annual charge and membership is valid for one year.
  • International (out of India) members pay USD 70$ for 1 year.
    International Membership
  • National (Indian domicile) members pay Rs.4500/- for 1 year.

To know more about graphology visit our FAQ's, contact us for questions or doubts and join as a member.

* The ability to observe, recognize, and use visual information about forms, shapes, figures, and objects makes up our visual-motor abilities. Visual motor skills include coordination of visual information that is perceived and processed with motor skills, including fine motor, gross motor, and sensory motor.